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Experimental Techniques

Dil fridge

Sub-Kelivn cryostats

Extremely low temperatures are reached using dilution refrigerators which work akin to a conventional, continuously-cooling refrigerator except based on the circulation of isotopes of helium rather than Freon and quantum rather than classical thermodynamics. Our laboratory currently boasts three dilution refrigerators with cooling powers of 75, 200, and 400 microwatts, each outfitted with 8/10 Tesla superconducting magnets, as well as two helium-3 cryostats, one outfitted with a 14/16 Tesla magnet. We also have a pair of helium-4 cryostats capable of controlling temperature between 1.7 and 400 K, one which is cryogen-free and equipped with a 9 T magnet, and the other designed for optical measurements.

We perform electrical, magnetic, thermal, and optical measurements in these systems.
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Diamond anvil cell cross section

High Pressure Techniques

Quasi-hydrostatic pressures up to 45 GPa can be reached in the laboratory using diamond anvil cells and tuned in situ via a helium membrane system. Larger samples can be measured to 2.5 GPa using BeCu clamp piston pressure cells. Further precise tuning of symmetry fields can be obtained via homebuilt uniaxial clamp cells.

We perform a wide range of measurements inside the pressure cells, including electrical transport and Hall Effect, magnetic susceptibility, structural and magnetic x-ray diffraction, pump-probe optical spectroscopy, Raman scattering, and synchrotron Mossbauer measurements,

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Chromium x-ray setup

High-pressure X-ray measurements

We are frequent users of the Advanced Photon source at the Argonne National Laboratory, with experiments performed at Sectors 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, and 33. We mainly focus on quantum critical behaviors of both correlated charge and magnetic systems, using diamond anvil cells and mainly x-ray diffraction techniques, including advancing the state of the art in magnetic x-ray diffraction at high pressures.

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